Best .22 Revolvers for Plinking & other things

Shooting at a bunch of cans or melons with a .22 pistol to pass the time has always been a favorite past time next to having BBQ in the backyard.
With the huge availability and at low cost, having fun on the cheap is nice.
There is a practical side to the .22 handguns. The .22 caliber can be used to help teach new shooters the fundamentals of shooting. The caliber is easy to manage – with the minimal recoil and muzzle rise. The intermediate shooter can take this to another level of tactical shooting. For newbies the .22 caliber will help their trigger control, whereas the intermediate/advanced shooters can slap the trigger for speedy rapid fire with accuracy.

Revolvers are excellent and reliable handguns, its almost impossible for the internals to jam when compared to the semi-auto pistols. When a revolver does jam its usually the ammunition.

Here are some really good .22 caliber revolvers that are out there that you can plink with, target practice or used for varmint control. (not the complete list)

  • Ruger LCR

    The Ruger LCR is the only hammerless revolver here. The Ruger LCR has an aluminum frame and polymer housing, which goes a long way in reducing the weight. The revolver has a 1.87 inch barrel, weighs 14.9 ounces, and has an 8 round capacity. The extremely smooth trigger pull comes from Ruger’s patented friction reducing cam.
    Due to the extremely small size, light weight, and the fact that it is hammerless, this is the best .22LR revolver for concealed carry.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 63

    The Smith & Wesson Model 63 is a scaled down version of their classic J-Frame revolver. The J-Frame revolver has been around for over six decades, and has been extremely popular.
    The revolver is still relatively light, weighing in at 24.8 ounces. It has an 8 round capacity, and has a 3 inch barrel.
    It could be used for concealed carry, general defense, and of course, for recreational shooting.
  • Heritage Arms Rough Rider

    With a lower price tag than the other, this is still a quality pistol that is excellent to shoot. The revolver has a 6.5 inch barrel, weighs 33.4 ounces, and has a 6 round capacity.
    The pros of this weapon are the styling, the accuracy, and the price. The accuracy is largely due to the precision machining. Heritage has tight tolerances, meaning that the revolver comes out both accurate and reliable. The single action revolver gives you that wild wild west feel, and the revolver is accurate and fun to shoot.
    Considered the best .22LR revolver for the price.
  • North American Arms 22LR

    The North American Arms 22LR is a really tiny weapon. It has a 1 1/8 inch barrel, is 4 inches in total length, and is only 2.38 inches tall.
    The weight is a measly 4.6 ounces. This extremely small size is unique, but is also one of the best features of the revolver.
    The size is the main selling point of this revolver, but the quality is also decent. It works consistently, and is fun to shoot.
  • Ruger Bearcat

    Here’s one from Ruger that has an elegance look to it, nice for the wall display, but fun to shoot as well. This single-action rimfire comes in either stainless or blued and features an unfluted cylinder that has a rollmark with images of a bear and cougar, stylish wooden grips, a transfer bar for added safety and a cold hammer-forged 4.2-inch barrel.
  • Smith & Wesson 351 PD

    Based on Smith & Wesson’s J-Frame design and combines an aluminum alloy frame and receiver with a stainless-steel barrel to produce a lightweight (11.2-ounce) .22 Magnum that holds seven rounds of ammo. With the high capacity and low recoil its a perfect fit for personal defense.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 617

    This features a full-length underlug, stainless-steel construction with a satin stainless finish and excellent adjustable sights. A 10-shot stainless double-action revolver built on a sturdy K-Frame.
    Yes, it looks like an overkill for a .22 but is great for backyard plinking and BBQ. With a 6 inch barrel it was built for serious accuracy.

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