Battle Rifle Company: AR-Style Rifles

Battle Rifle Company2Battle Rifle Company is a custom AR style rifle manufacturer located in the Houston Texas metro area. The company currently produces rifles in a variety of calibers, ranging from 5.56mm to 308. All of their rifles are AR pattern, and they produce models for Tactical Shooters, Law Enforcement Agencies and rifles for international markets. Production is limited to 3 platforms currently, and the company offers a “Build to Spec” program for law enforcement agencies requiring specialized rifles for mission completion.

The range of rifles produced covers all the possibilities of use, and you can find Military grade service rifles, LE Patrol rifles, CQB rifles, SBR’s, 3 Gun Competition rifles, Sniper, Support and Counter Sniper Platforms available, Value added features like custom rails, barrel lengths, twist rates and other furniture variants allow you to custom create a rifle right from the beginning- so you can spend more time shooting. Battle Rifle Company brings a well- rounded lineup of products focused on value, performance and quality to the marketplace.

Battle Rifle Company1Each rifle is built from the ground up by an Armorer, not on an assembly line. Each rifle is tested at every step of the process, and each rifle is test fired to insure performance. Parts are fitted and finished to insure functionality, and all parts are made to tight tolerances. All parts are US made and there is no compromising the original design or shortcutting. The end result is a better made rifle, with better parts and better workmanship for a better price.

For more information about Battle Rifle Company rifles, please contact or call 281-777-0316.

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