AR vs Shotgun

Shooting Down the AR Hype – According to Ted Nugent

With all the negative news about how lethal an AR is, why is it we don’t hear any bad news about shotguns?
Enter the ageless Rock n Roll icon Ted Nugent to set things straight. In a recent episode of Alex Jones’ Info Wars, the rocker Ted Nugent shared his bits about the shotgun that we use to hunt ducks with are often overlooked and how it can be more devastating than an AR-15.
Here are some of the things that Ted brought up about the shotgun:
-If the shotgun was used in these AR shootings the death rate could have doubled.
-Three and a half inch triple 000 buck can bring down a cinder block wall, takes only two shots to tear it down.
-3.5 inch Magnum 000 buck used for backing up bears and lion hunters, each round shoots over 30 pellets.
See the video below.
See the pellets – From one 000 Buck round
Well, what do you all think? Thanks Ted!