An Inside look of an AK-47

From its very beginning what lacked in precision and power it has made up for in ease of use, cost, reliability, and readily available parts and ammunition.
During the Cold War, the Russians sent these rifles to guerilla forces around the world and set up factories in dozens of countries.
Decades later, these rifles are still found in use on battlefields everywhere.
The Ak-47 is the most widely used military rifle in history because they are plentiful and cheap.
Run it in the dirt, oil, snow or sand – an AK will still fire.
Let us see inside the AK-47 and why this prolific rifle runs so well.

Today, the AK is almost everywhere, and it has fundamentally rewritten the rules of modern warfare, giving bands of moderately skilled fighters with few other resources the power to take on, and defeat, some of the best-resourced armies in the world.



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