KR-9M Kalashnikov USA

The domestically-produced version of the Russian Vityaz submachine gun in 9mm is not only a head-turner but another “gotta have that gun”.
Florida-based Kalashnikov USA announced it will have the KR-9 9mm platform available along with the KUSA 9mm pistol.
In some of the recent trade shows the KR-9 carbine with its short barrel rifle has been on displayed.

Larry Vicker of Vickers Tactical had a chance to play with KR-9.
As a matter of fact he has a fun-button enabled on it.
This closed-bolt functions on a blowback, runs 700-750 rounds-per-minute on full-auto. Very light and durable.

Now if we can just talk about that Hughes Amendment.


Sources: Vickers Tactical Youtube