Bolt Action AK-47 - not exactly for Deer Hunting

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Bolt Action AK-47 – not exactly for Deer Hunting

This handmade bolt action AK-47 looks to have originated from the Khyber Pass AK.
The “Khyber Pass” AK47s rifles were built from scratch or from parts in the Pakistani armories of the Khyber Pass region, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. Your average KP AK47 is basically an AK47 chambered in 7.62X39 with a side-folding stock normally found on the AK-74 rifle.
According to Ian McCallum this bolt action AK may have been just a piece that was made for looks. More than likely just a trash can gun. Take a look.

The entire weapon is manufactured from scratch, not using scrounged parts. While the magazine looks like a Bren magazine and the bolt looks like a P14 Enfield, both are actually handmade. The “gas tube” is entirely decorative, and the “cleaning rod” is fake; both too short and too large in diameter to fit down the barrel.
Again, this may have been just for decoration on your man cave wall to talk about. What do you think?, Would you buy one?

Sources: Ian McCallum, Forgotten Weapons

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