7 Gross Gun Injuries

Gun safety is no joke, as life-changing or life-ending consequences can occur in a moment. Here are seven gross gun injuries not to be taken lightly.

7. This shotgun blast to the face must have hurt…

6. This border patrol agent stripping his weapon should have checked to see if it was loaded first…

5. When this man’s muzzleloading rifle kaboomed, so did his hand.

4. A shotgun blast to one’s back will leave a lasting impression, to say the least.

3. This unlucky fellow received a shotgun blast at almost point blank range loaded with birdshot. This is why a shotgun at close range is the most lethal long gun ever devised.

2. This injury is said to be from a shotgun. Next time you are crossing that fence while carrying a loaded shotgun, think about this one…

1. This guy took a bullet through the foot. I feel that this was another negligent discharge, probably by the user himself.

We all love our firearms. They are our tools for hunting, recreational shooting, collecting and personal defense. Remember always to follow all gun safety rules and be careful.

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