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This Wisconsin M-K II stage 2 gives you the feel of patrol rifle safety with national match feel every single time you pull the trigger.

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For deterrent and quick shooting a .22 WMR can still be Effective to put some pain on a bad guy to get them to stop so you can run away to get Help.

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AmSJ checked in with Three Former Marine Corps Snipers for their thoughts on the Profession, how it changed them and Advice for Aspiring Snipers.

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Larry Vicker of Vicker Tactical Shed some Light on this INSANE Confidence Drill from the Russian Special Forces Alpha Team – Goal is to make their Operators Think & Engage Quickly.

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Comparing the two styles of shooting and shedding some light on the art of Precision Shooting, Amanda‚Äôs style of shooting is different from a Sniper’s job.

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Patriot Ordnance Factory founder, owner and President Frank DeSomma died last night from injuries sustained in a traffic accident while driving home from his office in Phoenix, AZ.

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“Close Retention Shooting Drill,” as he puts his hands up and then empties his magazine like a Boss, Wow! That is the epitome of fast, controlled shooting.

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