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Americans are lining up at local gun shops and the word on the street is that many of those purchases are being made by first time owners.

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There are Four things you can do that will improve your Rifle accuracy, and these are not going to be Earth-Shattering Concepts or new Revelations.

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Given the mechanical and ergonomic capability for excellent accuracy, this Magnum Research design has amply deserved its popularity.

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Review of Hi-Points 995TS and C9 as an exceptional, low cost, personal home-defense duo option.

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Dave of Guns & Tactics goes over the real time differences between the techniques and goes over the basics with a timer as the evaluator.

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Fear and uncertainty about the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic are motivating people to buy Guns and Ammunition at Extreme levels.

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Overall, the Left and Right hand Shooter did best with the R. Farmage Mauser, followed very closely by the 03 and 03a3 for the Left Handed Shooter.

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