President Teddy Roosevelt Loved his Suppressed Rifles

If you didn’t know, the late President Teddy Roosevelt really loved his guns for shooting, hunting and battle. He was obviously an avid user and collector. He was seriously into the Winchester lever-action rifles. Historians say his most prized was the Winchester Model 1894 chambered in .30-30, titled by Roosevelt as the “little .30”.

When this rifle was first introduced, Roosevelt tried it out and took down an antelope at approximately 190 yards. He marveled at its usefulness and called the .30-30, “Aces.” Because he was such a gun nut, he had to have this one at his Long Island home as well.

Now for his home setting Roosevelt had this rifle suppressed with a Maxim silencer. The main purpose of this “Ace” was for varminting, culling local pests on and around his property. The suppressor was for not startling his neighbors, he was being respectful.
Historians also noted that TR always shipped his suppressed Winchesters with him on hunts, mostly to kill time while at sea.
In the video you skip to 3:16 for the comments on TR suppressed rifle.

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