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To get the most from this technique it needs to be performed correctly. Some shooters simply don’t understand the mechanics of the grip.

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President T Roosevelt really loved his Lever Action 1894 Winchester guns for shooting, hunting & his home – outfitted with a Suppressor used for Varminting.

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The bullet was to have four Lube Grooves with no Crimp Groove so it would carry the needed amount of lLbe for Shooting without Wiping between Shots.

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U.S. Warfighters conducted a side-by-side test, putting the standard rear-charging handle up against the ADCOR forward-charging handle.

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The science of Ballistics has been evolving – in 2020, you’ll see all of the bullet designs still on the market, and doing well, each for its own reason.

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Inspired by a legendary senior operator, our 58-year-old author signed up for an intense, three-and-a-half-week-long course with students half his age.

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Getting Proficient with a Pistol is tough, but armed with these Basics & Intermediate Drills ingrained into your Muscle Memory – You will be Awesome!

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