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Will a Hi-Point pistol work if dropped from a helicopter? Check out this skydiving Hi-Point pistol that was dropped from 1000 feet.

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In the face of sudden change, recalibration can take a little while and can lead to illogical, irrational and irritating whining or decision making.

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Due to the close quarter distance – you’re both in a stalemate position, What are some options now for those “In your Face” situation?

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Browning’s light and balanced A5 shotgun lets you to shoot the old ‘gentleman’s gauge’ in a technologically updated package.

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Shotguns are Legal in all 50 states, will run under Filthy Conditions, and Tolerate Inexcusable Abuse.

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A great bonus is that wild pig hunting is open year-round in California,
so they are a great species to hunt during the lull between other seasons.

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The year is 1904 and from the inner workings of John Moses Browning’s, mind a cartridge emerged. It was the

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