Hi-Point pistol goes Skydiving

Gun Stress Test at a Higher Level

Hi-Point pistol has been known to take a beating anywhere from running it into the mud to having it run over by a truck and still keeps on running.
Will a Hi-Point pistol work if dropped from a helicopter? Well, this is what Edwin Sarkissian did. Check out this skydiving Hi-Point pistol that was “dropped once”.

Love them or hate them Hi-Point pistols are here to stay. Some people swear by them as an economical protection handgun while others swear at them. Are they that tough?
In this video we see a Hi-Point pistol get chucked out of a helicopter. It hits the ground and is found after some searching. Testing the pistol afterwards Edwin Sarkissian finds the trigger will not work and the pistol is done.

Is this a thing to consider when making a purchase? To some this may be a driving point if they’re looking for durability and reliability.
However, there has to be a line of which stress test is worth knowing about that is likely to happen in the real-world.
Chucking a pistol out of a helicopter at 1000 ft. and retrieving it to use may not be a realistic scenario. This is probably for the final fantasy groups.

If nothing else this video was quite fun to watch. When was the last time you’ve seen a flying Hi-Point pistol? This epic drop test is right up there with the Last American Hero show. (sorry, that was a nostalgia thought)