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Did you know the military is adopting the 6.5 Creedmoor for their weapon system? Here’s the guide on the popular 6.5 Creedmoor.

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There are debates on whether a Sig 1911 pistol is less reliable than the iconic Colt 1911, Sig quality works usually speaks for itself, but against the age tested 1911. See what they’re saying here…

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How well will a giant rock hold up against shots from a .50-caliber rifle?
Shooting .50-caliber is no joke. But, when you go up against Mother Nature, rarely do you win.

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The Galil is Israel’s answer to the AK47, but a sleeker, more modernized version.
This baby is a cross between the AK47 and an AR15.

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Can you split wood with bullets? It may not be super effective, but its probably very fun to try. I mean who needs an axe or log splitter when you have heavy artillery and plenty of ammo?, as the theory goes.

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I need to go to the Whitney next time I’m in NYC.  It’s near one of the condos I plan

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ENDO Apparel is the spot.  Flags are also $25 right now, and hats are $19. If you have a second

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