Splitting Logs with Bullets

Firearms are awesome machines useful for many different things, but is it useful for splitting logs?
Can you split wood with bullets? It may not be super effective, but its probably very fun to try. I mean who needs an axe or log splitter when you have heavy artillery and plenty of ammo?, as the theory goes.

Youtuber Edwin Sarkissian decides to try this hypothesis out. Watch as he runs through a number of different calibers attempting to split a large log.

After many tries with different types of caliber against a foot and a half diameter piece of log. (pine) From a 9mm to a .50 BMG it doesn’t do much until he goes to plan B.
Plan B
So to make things funner Edwin decides to go to plan B.
He basically is shooting at smaller size logs which obliterates them, perfect for kindlings.
Oh yes plan B means “Boom”. Edwin saves this for the last thing against the huge log, applies a little tannerite and you’re good to go. (See it at 10:47 in the video)
Have fun, be Safe!