Are SIG 1911’s less reliable than Colt 1911?

In the world of gun debates of what is reliable or A versus B.
The same goes for those in the 1911 world.
Are Sig 1911 less reliable than the iconic Colt 1911?
The guys from Youtuber Forest Firearms ran this test pitting a new version of Sig 1911 against an older Colt 1911. this test by running it through their version of a course of fire.
They shot at a couple of different targets from various position with reloads while under a timer.
Have a look here.

Though not a valid testing for comparisons, it looks like the Sig had the better results.
But between the two shooters, the one with the Sig may have been the better shooter in terms of accuracy.

Elsewhere out in the wild gun Forums, here’s what they had to say:
Is the Sig 1911 less reliable than Colt or Springfield?

3RidersApproaching: SIG offers some very appealing 1911s in terms of features (front strap checkering, rounded butts, etc.) And their pricing is attractive. Relatively few models from Colt and Springfield come with front strap checkering (something that I have, over time, come to really appreciate after having bought a number of 1911’s that DON’T have it.)
I’ve caught some drift here and there that SIG quality (perhaps regarding their non-1911 models?) is not so good these days.
Are SIG 1911’s of comparable quality/reliability to Colt, Springfield, etc.? If not, what seems to be the downfall with SIG 1911’s? Small parts quality? Reliability?
Looking at the SIG catalog, there are some very attractive 1911 models, in terms of factory features, being offered. It seems to me that SIG 1911’s present a tremendous value in terms of features (Novak nights, front strap checkering) for a modest price. What am I missing? Is there a catch?

mparker: For my money Sig and STI are what I would buy if I were looking for an off-the-shelf 1911 and not a custom or semi-custom.

remanaz : Both my Sig 1911’s have ran perfectly out of the box.
So have all 3 of my Colts.
My SA ro compact had a few light primer strikes before I replaced the ILS MSH. My SA Combat Op 9mm had almost no extractor tension out of the box. Both SA’s have been perfect since fixed.

Minorcan: My Sig 1911 has an external extractor which many claim inferior to the Colt internal designs. Mine has several 1000 rounds through it without a hick-up. I think that is as good as it gets. What more can you ask of any pistol or mechanical device. Mine is also a USA made product. Some people claim that these newer USA made Sigs are inferior. I just don’t see but since I don’t own any other Sig models I’ll stick to their 1911 pistols. As far as functionality and style I really like the lines on my Sig a lot. PS – I also own Springfield, Ruger and other models and like them all for different reasons. The only 1911 I’ve had an issue with was a Remington and I no longer have that one.

Riverkilt: For what its worth…I’ve had two Springers, one full size and one short barrel 1911. Both were nightmares…sent one in to be fixed and it came back from SA with the same problem – extractor nightmare. When the other SA began doing the same thing I sold them both (yes with heads up to the buyer on the problems).

My 1911 Sig Ultra Compact is a favorite. An accurate workhorse with no problems.

Have a Colt Marine 1911 which is flawless of course and a sort of 1911 in the .380 Colt Mustang Pocketlite. Never a problem with Sig or Colt.

honeybadger45: Sigs are metallurgicaly inferior to Colts and less likely to be cut right. Don’t buy into the weirdo Sig fanboy fantasies.

Makoman: I just got back into 1911’s is myself. I owned 4 Colt’s prior, all were great guns and ran like tops, save for one that didn’t like anything lighter than 230 grain ammo. Based on my own limited research and budget, I decided my recent purchase would be would be either a Sig or a Springfield. I just wanted something different this time. I went to my LGS and handled several of both and ended up with a Sig Sauer TTT. The slide to frame fit seemed just a bit tighter on the Sig. The slide also felt smoother when moving it back and forth as well. I’ve read that Springfield triggers tend to be a bit better out of the box, but the trigger broke like glass on this particular Sig. The thumb safety also felt more slick, but still had a very positive feel to it when engaged and disengaged.

The main deciding factor for me though is that the Sig just looked and felt like a better quality piece when holding it in my hand. For what it’s worth, of all the mass production 1911 manufacturers, I’ve read that Sig uses a higher amount of quality parts (fewest amount of MIM parts) if that matters to you.

honeybadger45: Sigs are loaded with MIM and charge Colt prices. If you want a MIM gun, get a Ruger, at least they are honest about their pricing.. “Sig, better quality through fancy paint.”

3RidersApproaching: So, you think SIG charges more than you think they should. Fair enough, but not a big deal by any means. And for that reason alone you romp around here with a flame thrower, torching anyone who likes SIGs with vitriol and insults?

So tell us about your experiences with the Sig or other type of 1911’s.