NERF Gun John Wick

Tell us if you’ve done this, come on fess up, you have at least one NERF gun in your home or office and have done the following when no one is watching: ‘sliced the pie’, hostage shots, body armor drills, quick-draw Doc Holliday trigger guard spins, open shirtless apex carry, look in the mirror and say ‘you looking at me?’, double tap on swimsuit model posters and long range “sniping”.
Then you’re a John Wick fan, this NERF gun parody had me rolling on the floor for the longest. YouTuber Corridor Digital did a three minutes of awesomeness a while back, substituting NERF guns for the real deal, but leaving the action and effects in place. The choreograph and editing on this video is great for a “B” rated movie, lots of laughs here.

You probably have also pondered: adding a weapon light and/or laser, spray painting or Cerakoting your blaster, trigger upgrades, increased round capacity, spring upgrades, optics, round adjustments for added range or “lethality” and the addition of several Magpul accessories.

Crazy Gun Racks

While some of these gun racks look to be on the dangerous side of legal, others are wrong for entirely other reasons.
View these 15 crazy gun racks below to see some gun storage solutions that will make you shake your head.

  • Bike Rack

    Giving new meaning to the term, “bike rack,” this is a great solution for open carry on two wheels.
  • Special Delivery

    This, however, might be taking it to extremes.
  • Multi-Purpose Rack

    While entirely legal, this one may be just a bit too weird.
  • Old Rusty

    Who cares if your front end is gone? It’s what’s strapped to the back that’s important.
  • What’s your Point?

    Didn’t your parents teach you not to point your gun out the window? Hope this driver doesn’t get pulled over.
  • Wrong

    Think she misunderstood when he asked her for a gun rack.
  • Syrian Rack

    This gun rack is perfectly legal, but I bet those guns aren’t…
  • Greene Rack

    For the last time, I told you to get off my lawn!
  • Cool Rack

    We’re actually just jealous of this one.
  • Oh, No You Didn’t

    This is just wrong on so many levels. Starting them young, are we? Subliminal training…
  • Trophy Rack

    Antler racks are very cool, but isn’t there something a little off about the remains of an animal honoring the weapon that killed it?
  • OK..

    Feet don’t fail me now.. Deer feet holding the gun that likely shot and killed it? Why don’t we just feed cows beef jerky while we’re at it?
  • Coffee Table

    This is the sort of table that would be in Tony Montana’s house. Say hello to my little friend!
  • Quick Draw

    Perfect for those moments you need quick access while you’re driving down the road.
  • Tower Rack

    There’s absolutely nothing at all wrong with this weapons display in the Tower of London. It’s just really cool.
  • Machine Gun Jubblies

    Austin Power thing.

Sources: Samantha Lile

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Splitting Playing Cards with Bullets

I need to go to the Whitney next time I’m in NYC.  It’s near one of the condos I plan on buying when I win the lottery and then shop for art at the museum haha (520 W 28th St.).  I don’t know though, I might have to think about that one due to its proximity to the highline and that being a 365 day per year tourist attraction. ? I’ll save that pondering for another day though.  Speaking of the Chelsea Market though, we had a quick bite at Very Fresh Noodles (which was very highly rated) and it was the most oily crap on the planet 1/10 would not eat again.


1:35 – The start of where the bullet splitting the playing card stuff is

6:45 – Ugh the sponsorship shill oh no baby what is you doing.  He shouts out a internet mattress company.  Come on dude you’re rich, I doubt you’re sleeping on a mattress like that.  It’s about as believable as when celebrities are like “I use Pert Plus 92-in-1 shampoo, and I also brush my teeth with it.”.  Holy he really goes all in on the mattress promotion.

Fail for not using the Juve song:


Thoughts?  Don’t hate on my NYC condo residence goals… The lottery I plan on winning is hundreds of millions of dollars so I’ll buy condos all over the US and world. Maybe even an ENDO flop house that I let you guys stay at.

NEW T-Shirt Designs Up On ENDO

ENDO Apparel is the spot.  Flags are also $25 right now, and hats are $19.

If you have a second to share with your buddies either online or offline, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks for everything!  Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day long weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, you know me though I’m just out here living my best life. I’ll try to post more soon!

Tracer Rounds Into Ballistic Gel Is Cooler Than I Thought

I need the gy6 diet and workout plan:


Who am I kidding, I’d probably take one look at the workout plan and break into a cheeto odored sweat.  G6 Andrew knows about working out and filmmaking enough though to get his swole on immediately before he hits record, just so you get the maximum vein pop.  He probably wouldn’t deny it, but he could try and I’d just be like “nah bro, it’s ok tho I’d do it too”.

I hadn’t seen a ballistic gel shot by tracer video before this one.  I’m surprised, because it’s pretty cool.  The best is when the round stops and just hovers in the gel shooting smoke and fire out like a cute lil rocket. ?


How To Look Good On The Streets In A Chest Rig

You guys are going to lose your minds over this:



???? thoughts?  I really hope tourniquets become a mainstream fashion statement, because (now here’s a spicy take… wait for it….) they already are a fashion statement for like 99% of the gun/tactical scene.

Gat tip: Richard

Noveske’s Cool Moms Made A Mother’s Day Video

Moms doing 2nd Amendment mom stuff:


Sure why not.  Beats watching DaNYo DeFeNSe’s weakass ads about nothing.  No one is really putting out any worthwhile products or promoting anything interesting nowadays it seems.  Is the industry in a slump?  Are people even buying new AR-15s anymore?  There has to be like 10 AR-15s for every gun owner in the US by now.  I’m sure the AR-15 accessory market must be the hottest segment, if it’s even all that hot. Maybe the suppressor market is doing alright? Even that seems to be the same old shit with a different logo or assembly style with a slight db reduction difference.

The video reminded me of this:


The Vickers She Told You Not To Worry About

Larry Vuttion looking S V E L T E :


My man must be hitting the Pilates hard.  He’s looking really good.  Gotta get that summer Instagram beach body on point.

I’m patiently waiting on a sequel to the legendary “Why I’m Fat” video called “Why I dropped 80lbs, look 25 years younger, and stole your girl”.

As far as the Colt Canada IUR, looks alright I guess.  *Shrug* it’s an AR-15, and it works… I didn’t fall off my chair or anything when I saw him fire it.

3:18 – You gotta stick around for the Submariner shaking.  Someone needs do start a “Rolexes In Slow Motion” channel… I’d subscribe.

Do you think LAV still uses that Crisco lubricant, or is it one of those “fool me once, shame on you” type situations?  Who needs a shitty sponsor like that though, when you can promote your own incredible books which basically sell themselves? Amirite fellas?


VODA Clears Rooms At Night Inside A Construction Site And Talks That Slick Talk

Showing us all how observant and tactically proficient his mind is.  This is such pure gold, I literally can’t even:


Ok I’m pissed off IMMEDIATELY because he’s tarnishing the good memory of 2Pac by using the Hail Mary instrumental.  Also… “clearing this structure” “never been on this particular site before” dude you went to a construction site after the workers left and played around in the dark, don’t try to make it out to be something superior, like this is some sort of custom built VODA shoot house training facility.

4:03 – In the span of the next twenty seconds he talks about “slicing the pie”, “gathering data”, and “busting another 45 (degree turn)”.

I hate to break it to you buddy, but walking around with a flashlight completely removes the element of surprise.  He’s acting like these fictitious characters he’s going to engage in are going to be sitting around like in video games, unaware of whats going on when they see a window or a wall light up.

6:00 – Talks about how the portapottys give him cover, and he can fire at guys on the rooftops if need be.

13:53 – “I didn’t break the plane.  It may look like that on camera but I didn’t break the plane.”  Ok…. ? I’m surprised he didn’t get up on a lift after that to “get a better vantage point to get kills”, and proceed to drive it around the warehouse. ?

“Watching the glass looking for shadows”.  He keeps saying that.  Sounds like the name of indie rock album he has in the works.

Such solid entertainment.  This guy is more awesome than I initially thought.  He’s definitely the the top 5 people in the industry I’d like to someday meet.

Thoughts?  You learning a lot from VODA or what?  haha oh and I love how he TM’s the phrase “Civilian Operator” in the title.  This guy is living a Counterstrike / Call Of Duty fantasy life, and it’s incredibly amazing.  Do you king… Do you.

Human Biology Buzz Words Talking About Firearm Training

TrAiN LiKe YoU FiGhT:


The music… the quick cuts… the zoom, the buzzwords… classic FuNkEr eDiTiNG right there ?.

I’m not saying Todd is not making sense… he might be (I haven’t crunched the numbers yet… you know.. carried all the ones and avoided dividing by zero), I just gotta snicker a bit when people seemingly pay show up to these things and it turns into a college lecture on neuroscience.  In my head I’d just be thinking *bruh… when are you going to quit talking so I can start talking shit at the fake assailant I’m matched with, and Mozambique him with the SIRT?*  If you’re not Mozambiquing in EVERY scenario with the SIRT are you even training?

90% SIRT Training / 10% Live Fire he says.