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[su_heading size=”30″]Notice how Loud it is![/su_heading] Usually when you are anywhere nearby when a 50 BMG is being shot you

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[su_heading size=”30″]Choosing the right loads and chokes is all part of preparing your turkey gun for spring success. [/su_heading] STORY AND

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There are a couple ways of checking your 1911 pistol to make sure its clear. Larry from Vickers Tactical goes

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When we think ricochet, we usually think danger. But can a ricochet be directed and actually used as a bullet?

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Audrius Lotuzas of FPS Russia demonstrate this super drone and its capabilities. This Quad Rotor drone is decked out with

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PACK RAIN COVER Tactical Tailor’s Pack Rain Cover is a water resistant cover that envelopes the pack in order to

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From the mind of Logan D Coffey, Tactical Tailor was founded in 2008. The legacy continues to live on through

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