Super Drone with Machine Gun

Audrius Lotuzas of FPS Russia demonstrate this super drone and its capabilities.

This Quad Rotor drone is decked out with camera and a submachine gun with 100 rounds of ammo. The type of weapon and ammo is not mentioned. The drone can speed up to 30 mph and climb up to a quarter of a mile in altitude. It is controlled by a program that you use on a tablet.

Audrius goes on to demonstrate the firepower on multiple mannequins with tannernite attached and in another setup the drone shoots a gasoline can with mannequins sitting around.

Though most of the demonstration didn’t make much sense other than to watch things get shot at and blown up, all in the name of fun.

Video Transcription
Hello my friends, it is FPS Russia again, and I’ve got something very very special for you guys today. This my friend is a prototype Quad Rotor. Now it may look like something you’ve seen before, but trust me, the technology in this baby isn’t going to be out there for at least another decade. It doesn’t even have a technical name yet, so for now we’re just going to call it Charlene.


Now let me show you a few of the features here so you can understand why I say this is truly a weapon of the future. In the next ten, maybe fifteen years, shit is going to get very real. We’re talking about some pretty sophisticated warfare, and the soldiers are going to need technology like this to get above the combat, around their enemies, and get into tight spaces. This is why Charlene is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some crazy shit. Now, most of the quad-rotors that you’ve seen on Youtube are doing some pretty sophisticated maneuvers, and none of those toys is equipped with a submachine gun and a hundred-round magazine. Also, Charlene is capable of flying up to thirty miles per hour, at altitudes of a quarter mile high, oh, and it only takes one professional Russian and this fancy tablet to kill you.

This thing in itself is pretty impressive, it’s got lots of cool features. The most impressive thing is, you see everything that the quad rotor sees. So the biggest benefit is getting that birds-eye view of what’s in front of you, and once you know what’s in front of you, maybe you don’t want that in front of you any more.

Going to send Charlene over the hill, see what we can see.

[Buzzing as if from the biggest and most furious wasp hive alive]

Looks like we’ve got some lost and confused visitors over there, let’s take a closer look.

No I don’t think I recognize any of those guys, let’s take ’em out.

[Heavy drone fire]

That was awesome! Look at the guy’s head rolling downhill! Let’s try something else.

So we’ve seen what Charlene is capable of doing in a recon situation, now let’s try putting her in a situation she’s well-suited for: sneaking up on some evil beetches in hard-to-reach places.

[Continued loud, angry buzzing]

It looks like our friends have decided to have a little dinner party, and they didn’t even invite us. And one of them brought a whole bucket of gasoline. We’ll just have to show these guys a little hospitality. Charlene-style.

[Firing and explosions]

Zombie terrorists know how to have a good time!

Well my friends, it’s been a pretty epic day, but I’m not sure we’ve blown up enough shit quite yet, so lucky for us, this baby’s equipped with a self-destruct payload with a fifteen-foot blast radius. So yes my friends, as much as it pains me, I’m going to blow this thing up.


I want to thank my friend Yuri for letting me borrow his ride. Thanks, buddy!


[Instant replay]

Well I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as I did, the future’s going to be fun. But if you can’t wait another fifteen years, my friends are telling me that there MIGHT just be it might be in the next Call of Duty game, which would be the shit. So thank you guys for watching, and as always, have nice day.


Sources: Audrius Litva Facebook, FP Russia Youtube

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