M1911 Training Tip: Press Check

There are a couple ways of checking your 1911 pistol to make sure its clear. Larry from Vickers Tactical goes over some different ways you can check to make sure your 1911 is clear, and why he prefers the press check.

Most have been taught is the “pinch” check. This is where you apply pressure to the slide with your index finger to the rear about half an inch, while the thumb was hooked in the trigger guard. However, accident occurs when the slide slips forward and the thumb accidentally hits the trigger resulting in an accidental discharge. (AD)

With the “press” check, you grab the slide either at the front or the rear and pull back the slide. Just enough to see if the 1911 barrel is clear.

What about you?, which technique do you use to check your pistol to see if its clear, tell us below.

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