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Shooting explosive target can be a fun way to pass the day, but safety should be paramount.
Many gun enthusiasts forget being at a safe distance is key to enjoyment and being safe from possible flying debris.
Experts advised being at 100 yards away for every pounds of explosives.
Don’t be like this fellow below.
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Youtuber Dixie Dirt Draggers is standing way too close to his target. After missing some shots he finally hits the mark which resulted in a huge explosion that sends the shrapnel flying back at the shooter and bystanders.

Yes, it sure look like fun but its not worth getting injured over. Be Safe!
Or maybe you can use less tannerite and can still get as much fun like this gal.

Are u getting #bored #shooting #paper #target? Try this

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Shooting at Tannerite can be fun to watch, but its important to be safety minded. In reality this is explosives and there are instances where accident happens when one doesn’t heed to safety.
Like this 23-year-old David Pressley and some friends put about three pounds of Tannerite into an old riding mower with the intent to shoot it and blow it up with the explosive.

The story goes, after “getting more than 20 shots” off the lawnmower exploded. Pressley can be heard yelling “I blew my leg off!” and blood spatters appeared on his person.
Pressley’s friends applied a tourniquet around the the injured man’s leg, helped him into a vehicle and drove him to a nearby road to be airlifted to a hospital.
Pressley’s left leg was missing below the knee.

Atlanta officials stated “there’s no telling how many injuries occur from Tannerite use.
The general rule-of-thumb is to be a hundred yards away for every pound of explosives used.
Presslye was only over 40 feet away when the explosion occurred.
Video shows a man identified as Pressley firing into the lawn mower with a semi-automatic rifle.

Sources: USA Today Youtube

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When shooting Tannerite becomes a game of dodgeball with mother nature.
A day on the range turned into an impromptu game of dodgeball with mother nature after a Tannerite explosion sends a large rock flying directly at the shooter. At least he wasn’t shooting at a refrigerator.

It’s hard to tell from the video, but the Tannerite seems like far away to be at a safe distance.

After making the shot, the shooter and his cameraman notice a dark shape approaching them at a pretty good speed.

He soon realizes the shape is actually a rock about the size of his head. Dodgeball!

Sources: Johnzo Youtube, AmericanGG.net

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After the passing of the family matriarch, the Texas Pawn Boys gathered one last time for a day of shooting on the family property.
While celebrating they noticed an old dead oak tree that needed to be removed.

Someone had the bright and entertaining idea to see what would happen if Tannerite was used as the primary removal mechanism.

They quickly grabbed a chainsaw, some duct tape, and everyone’s favorite explosive to make this memorable ridiculous video. You can skip to the fun part at 4:20 section of the video.

Sources: TwoTexanFilmCo Youtube, FarmMachinery, Andy

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