September 29th, 2017 by asjstaff

Some people are just asking to hurt themselves when they hold a firearm.
We show these videos because nobody got hurt and it’s a hoot watching people be so ignorant of basic firearm safety.

It’s also good to remind ourselves of how dangerous firearms can be when they aren’t handled properly. Here’s the video:

Sources: Mundo Viral Colombia Facebook, Craig Raleigh

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May 1st, 2017 by asjstaff

You’ll probably recognize a few of these– the reason we should probably be way more careful about who we hand guns to.

A few of these clips are -if memory serves- of a T-rex shell that is way overpowered, but the number of people pointing guns at things they don’t want destroyed is alarming, and for them, pretty regrettable.

“Did you mean to do that?”

Sure you did.

Which one stressed you out the most? Mine’s a toss-up between the inexperienced gangster moll and the guy who looked down his own gun barrel to diagnose a problem, with the runner-up being the guy who should never ever go skeet shooting again.

Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be screaming internally that some of these people were ever allowed to pick up guns in the first place.

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March 14th, 2017 by jhines

Are you man enough for the hunt? Well sometimes you gain a reputation in unexpected ways. I’d like to think most fearsome reputations come about thanks to situations like this joke describes.

Next time you take down a deer, maybe make extra-sure it’s down before you tag ’em.

Sources: Sam Morstan, Wide Open Spaces Facebook

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January 11th, 2017 by jhines

You’ll die from Laughing when you see Tactical Training meets Martial Arts

We come across all forms of tactical training caught on video. Some are very good and it shows the high level of competency. Then, theres other that are just downright dangerously stupid. This video shows one “tactical shooting style” that is not only dangerous but comical.

What exactly are we even witnessing in this “tactical training” video anyway?

This family is laying down some crazy comical moves in the name of tactical defense shooting.

It’s hard to follow what they’re trying to do like rolling over here, shooting over each others heads and passed one another this is not the group to shoot with. Luckily they are using blanks as far as we can tell…

We share videos such as this to show that just because someone think they can safely tactical shoot they may be very wrong. Or, maybe this family knows this and they’re just doing it for fun, let’s hope so.

Sources: DumbAss Martial Arts Facebook, Eric Nestor

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December 22nd, 2016 by jhines


Matt Walsh’s sarcastic video rant about his shopping experience and the toy gun he saw generated a lot of social media attention. Apparently, most people didn’t catch the sarcasm.
Guns, guns, and more guns. Seems to be a big topic of conversation these days. With two sides of the parties that see stuff very differently, debates get heated. Social media feeds the monster, and people join the controversial conversation and often say whatever they feel when hiding behind a keyboard.

Walsh takes a ridiculously sarcastic approach with a video that is quite humorous. But at points, he is so sarcastic it is almost hard to tell where he is going with it.

Or maybe it isn’t sarcasm at all? Watch this video and tell us what you think.

Here’s what they’re all saying.

Source: Matt Walsh Facebook, Colton Bailey

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December 1st, 2016 by jhines

We normally encourage people to try something new, but..

Oh no.

You can see it in how he holds the gun even before he brings it up.

In the wobble, and the uncertain look he gives the camera, and the sniggering behind the camera:

This guy shouldn’t hold a gun.

He probably shouldn’t even hold a stapler.

Then he holds it aaalllll the way out, and you realize he’s settling to take the shot that way. The boomstick goes bang, The back end smacks into his cheek/chin, and it’s amazing his ass doesn’t hit grass.

Friends don’t let friends crack their jaws while shooting. Shoot responsibly!
I feel like I need an icepack just watching this. Ouch.

by Sam Morstan

Source: Speisa Facebook

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October 24th, 2016 by jhines

Keystone cops in action

When the boys in blue have to catch a handfull of bad apples, why take the time to climb a fence when you could just bust through it?

In this video we see two cops taking the “straightforward method” of getting to the perp, busting through a helpless fence like the Kool-Aid Man with a schedule to keep. While you might be able to find fault with their destruction of presumably private property –and the construction of the fence– you can’t find any with their effectiveness!

Shout out to the perp who jumps the fence twice to get away from the newly-nicknamed “Juggernaut Cop”, too. I suspect that had less to get away from getting caught and more to do with not getting bowled over in the process!
Another shout-out to the bush in the lower-right-hand corner for catching another enthusiastic-entrance-making officer before he could hit the grass.

I’m sure the department paid for the damage done to the fence.

by Sam Morstan
Source: Jo Jo Spencer Facebook

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January 15th, 2016 by asjstaff

See what happens to this highly trained anti-tank team and their reaction

Military anti-tank teams train for thousands of hours on prepping, locating concealed areas, avenues of approach and deploying and launching their weapons. But, once in a while a team may experience that holy sh!t moment, like this team.

This French Canadian team is sporting a Javelin anti-tank gun. The team was in the process of getting their rocket/missile launched when a holy sh!t moment took them by surprise — The shot was a dud! It launched and landed just a few feet away from the team. With seconds to think and react, this team conducts a text book — Military Field Manual — answer to the situation.

FM-23 Tripod-Mounted TOW/TOW2 2-5 Malfunctions

Dud – A dud is any missile that has been launched (fired from the launch tube) but failed to fly to the target or failed to detonate on target impact. The warhead of all duds must be considered to be armed, and therefore, extremely dangerous. The location of all duds will be noted and referred to EOD personnel for disposal.

I think things went well for them as this video is proof that it uploaded on Youtube, thank god they’re safe.

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Source: Youtube

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July 28th, 2015 by Danielle Breteau


Stop Sticks Gone Wrong

Story by retired St. Lucie County Detective Scott Young
Working as a deputy sheriff in south Florida during the late 1990s, my agency had just been issued stop-sticks. These sticks were about 3 feet long and had large spikes protruding all the way around. They were meant to be used as a stop-gap measure when a suspect was fleeing in a vehicle. If an officer could get into position, the sticks were to be thrown in front of the tires as the car passed by. The weight of the car would bear down on the spikes, deflating the tires and ideally ending the chase safely. If I said everyone was eager to deploy them, that would be an understatement.


Stinger stop sticks are similar to large hypodermic needles (hollow on the inside) which allows the tire to quickly deflate.

While working a series of burglaries in the most southern portion of our county, I heard dispatch state over the radio that the special investigations unit (SIU) was in pursuit of suspects who had fled during a drug raid. Although I was some distance away, there was a possibility the suspects would flee in my direction, so I kept my ears open. A short time later, dispatch advised that SIU was still in pursuit and heading my way. I responded to let them know my location and that I had stop-sticks. As the information unfolded over the radio and I listened intently, my excitement increased when the suspects chose an escape route with only one possible avenue: right past my location. I repositioned my marked patrol car to a more hidden location and stood near the roadside and waited.

I watched other traffic pass my location and soon heard the loud siren of the pursuing patrol car and the roar of the suspect’s engine as they neared. I saw a dark van careening around the corner with the marked patrol car right on its tail. I waited for the vehicle to get close, then threw the stop-sticks just before they passed. The sticks hit their mark, and not only the front tires, but the back as well. Excited, I ran to my patrol car, got in and advised dispatch that I hit the suspect’s vehicle. I activated my lights and siren and headed south. As the road wound to the right I saw the pursuing patrol car parked behind the suspect’s van, which was tilted rigidly to the right and on the side of the road. That is when I observed several individuals dressed in black with the letters DEA on their backs. “OMG!!” I had stop-sticked the DEA van.

Stop sticksDispatch had communicated the description of the suspect’s vehicle on the SIU channel, but not my main channel. I stopped my patrol car about 100 feet way and turned off my lights and siren. To say they were upset would, again, be an understatement. They all were yelling something and with arms flailing wildly while motioning for me to come closer. I shook my head left and right to say no way! At that moment my sergeant’s voice came through over the radio and asked, “Well, did you get ’em?” Oh, I got them. My only reply was, “Sarge, I think you need to get down here right away.”

Several years later, as a task force officer assigned to the DEA, the driver of the van that day was assigned as my training officer. He trusted me with his life, but not the stop-sticks. ASJ


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April 2nd, 2015 by asjstaff

Thanks to our friends from REI for creating this Zombie survival gear guide for you “Walking Dead” fans. The guide displays basic items that is accessible without breaking the bank. REI highlights their favorite weapon of choice if you didn’t have a firearm is the cast-iron skillet. Notice the practical usage on the zombie to disable them so you can escape, it is a no nonsense weapon that can provide damaging impact if you follow through with maximum speed.


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March 4th, 2015 by asjstaff

Happy Hump day, yes it’s Wednesday and here is your funny video of the week. We present Mat Best of MBest11x, here is his take on “How to be a Special Ops Operator“, yes there’s more to it than customizing your AR-15, enjoy.

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