February 14th, 2018 by asjstaff

If you want to learn how to disarm someone that has a gun pointed at you. Learn from a certified instructor, not from the internet like this video.
The internet is a beautiful thing, full of knowledge and crap. If you watch this horrendous gun disarm against two guns and think this is the real McCoy, you’re on your way to the grave.
Watch this video as a form of entertainment. Seriously folks don’t try this at home.

Here’s what they’re saying on the social media.

Sources: DumbAss Martial Arts

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May 30th, 2017 by asjstaff

Don’t Blink
Here is the slow motion view of the Victor Marx, World’s Fastest Gun Disarm. Note the barrel is deflected away from the face, prior to radial arm strike. Veteran Police Officer had firm grip on the gun & couldn’t pull the trigger before the disarm was performed. Not sure if this is the world’s fastest gun disarm, so you be the judge have a look.

Or maybe one of you guys or gal can do it faster, let us know below in the comment section.

Sources: VictorMarx.com, Micah Sargent

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