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The American market quickly became a dumping ground for Europe’s obsolete weapons as both sides scrambled to find enough small arms to equip their armies.

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The following Gunfight segment examines significant tragic events and how they changed LE Tactics, Procedures, and Policies.

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Gunfighters range from different occupations including lawman, outlaws and cowboys but are more commonly known as hired guns of the Old West.

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During World War I these Trench Raiding Clubs were more effective as a quiet and effective means in daring Night Trench Raids than Firearms.

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Close Quarter Pistol Training instills getting your Gun into the Fight or keeping your Gun in the Fight to Stop the Bad guy, check out some of these Drills.

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Here’s a look at the S&W Governor & Taurus Judge with Quality man-stopper .410 cartridges for Self-Defense.

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Close combat in the trenches, and especially night fighting, favored the massive firepower of fast-shooting pump shotguns.

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