Russian Alpha AK

Alpha Inspired

Here’s a tricked out AK47 that you don’t come across everyday. Have a look at this Russian Alpha AK. Not the real deal but a clone imitation of the ones used by the Russian Counter Terrorist unit. Here is a list of items that Vicker and company used to clone this Alpha AK:

  • Arsenal Semiautomatic Bulgarian-made AK in 5.56
  • Russian-made Zenit rail
  • Wilson Raptor Light
  • Traumix – extended charging handle
  • Krebs extended safety
  • Texas Weapon System top cover
  • Throwlever mount with a MicroB and my favorite red dot, Aimpoint
  • US Palm Pistol Grip
  • SRVV side folder trunnion
  • Brownells Aluma-Hyde paint

Larry here demos and goes over some of the pieces that was used and he gives us some sources to check out.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody, if you’re fans of my shows, you probably noticed a couple years ago I had the opportunity to go to Russia, and do some filming with the Alpha Guys, the FSB Alpha Counter-Terrorist guys. Now while we were over there, we noticed they had some tricked-out AKs with a lot of western influence, but also with some Russian accessories, stuff that I’d never seen before. I snapped some pictures while I was there, put ’em on social media, and it went viral. We’ve had a lot of requests, and now I’m gonna run you through my own personal Alpha Clone AK.


Now I call it “Alpha Inspired”, because it’s not exactly like theirs, but it is very similar. I’ll take you through it.

First off, I used an Arsenal Semiautomatic Bulgarian-made AK. In five-five six. The only reason I use five-five six is that’s what I had on hand. The Russians we saw, they were using five-four-five and Seven-six-two by thirty-nine. Not that they are opposed to five-five six, matter of fact we saw at least one guy who was using an M4 in five-five six. Their AKs were five-four-five or Seven-six-two by Thirty-nine. So if you wanted to be spot-on correct, those are the two flavors you need to take a look at.

The guns we saw were in the mid-length format, just like this one, alright? Also, the ones we saw had some variety of the Bulgarian Krink Flash suppressor like this, the four-piece flash suppressor. The rail is a Russian-made Zenit rail. This was very difficult to source; it still is. Alright, I’m gonna tell you right off the bat, if you’re gonna try to clone this gun, this is not gonna be an easy piece to get. The proper Zenit rail for this is difficult to get, but in my opinion it’s key, because it kinda makes the gun. Now they were running PQ15s, this happens to be a Wilson Raptor Light that I had given to me, so that’s what I put on it. Very grip and extended charging handle, this is a Traumix one, and I’ve just been told prior to filming here, that this is no longer made. However, I will give you a source for some key parts for this at the end of the video.

Now it has a Krebs extended safety here, and that’s exactly what the Russians were using, they were also using a Texas Weapon System top cover. Now this top cover has a mixed reputation for retaining zero, but I asked the Russians about it, and they were perfectly happy with it, so for their purposes, it retained zero just fine.

Now they had a mix of red-dot sights, of course I saw some micros, and that’s what -needless to say- I stuck on here, I have a Throwlever mount, with a MicroB and my favorite red dot, this Aimpoint product was a no-brainer.

Coming back here, it has a US Palm Pistol Grip, Also it has an SRVV side folder trunnion. Alright, now, that’s another Russian product, and it is not easy to get. So once again, I’m gonna point you in the direction where you can find one of these SRVVs. It does fold to the side, retractable buttstock, and of course I topped it off with my Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling. And Brownells Aluma-Hyde paint, and you have what I call my Alpha-Inspired AK Clone.

Now, my recommendation: Go to Luke is the guy that runs that website, and he will help you source some of the key parts to build your own Alpha Clone. Pretty cool gun.

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