1911 Endures the Trench Warfare Mud Test

How well did the iconic 1911 pistol do in trench warfare?
Ian from Forgotten Weapons Youtuber cakes on the mud to see just how well a 1911 pistol can run.

Weapons used in the trenches had to battle lots of mud. With heavy mud fouling inside and outside firearms had a rough time staying in function. How did the iconic 1911 pistol do with heavy mud? In this demonstration Ian uses a Ballester Molina 1911 style pistol to experiment with. Just to be technical this 1911 is a copy pistol of a Colt 1911.

As you’re about to see, this 1911 pistol have a rough time with mud.

Ian muddies the 1911 pistol with the hammer forward and back.
With the hammer forward, Ian was able to get some shots off there were many jams taking place left and right. But, the malfunctions were easily corrected. The 1911 obviously, was not design to operate in muddy conditions.

Firing with the hammer back, Ian was not able to shoot the pistol, due to the mud blocking the hammer from going forward when the trigger was pulled.

Special thanks to Ian for using his pistol to prove this point while ours stay clean, oiled and happy.

Sources: Forgotten Weapons Youtube, Ian McCollum