WSJ visits the Oregon State Championship Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Match

John Day 012I attended the  Oregon State Championship Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Match at the Bear Creek range in John Day, Ore., this past weekend and had a BLAST! We will be writing up a story about it for our November issue. Everyone should add John Day to their bucket list as a place to visit. The quaint little town appears to have frozen in time 50 years ago; everyone is neighborly, cares about the town and helps each other out.

I got a chance to interview Beth Morris, the “Annie Oakley” of black powder. She has won nine women’s titles at the black powder national championships, and at this state event, she won the .22 Ironside Champion competition – beating out all the men there including her husband!

Annie Oakley
Top Shot Beth Morris, who the guys nicknamed “Annie Oakley”

In the November article, we will cover why some people enjoy black powder shooting so much. There are longtime pistol shooters who have switched over to black powder and will never switch back.

I got to meet legendary firearms author Mike Venturino, who trained Tom Selleck on how to shoot buffalo rifles, and hear his thoughts on why he prefers black powder as well as the status of the gun magazine industry.  He’s written several books with more to come, about all types of guns, and kindly gave me an autographed copy of Shooting Buffalo Rifles of the Old West.

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John Day 041
Famous firearms author Mike Venturino (l) with Dave Trayler, a pillar of John Day who helped build the range.


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