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Hey gang with technology trending in every industry, everybody is creating their own apps, we decided to take a plunge and work on some apps for you. This app was created for the convenience of our readers, you guys/gals. We know it can be a pain to come to our website to read the upcoming stories. So we’re making it more easier for you to get to us.

This first app is a bookmarklet, all you have to do is left click and hold the image of our cross hair below and drag it into the bookmark section of the browser located below the address box and release the left click.bookmark

You should see a grey box that saids “WSJ News”. This button sits in the bookmark, updates are synch automatically, so there’s no reloading. If you’re unsure or don’t see the bookmark section of your browser, sometimes it may be hidden.

Move the mouse near the address box, but not inside it. Right click the browser area and look for “Bookmarks Toolbar”, you want to check that so it will be displayed.

Current features displays updates of trending industry news in any of the catagory. Our other app for the Chrome browser (work in progress) has the same thing but also has a search function that enables you to search our site from the app, view the image on the left for a sneak peek.chrome_bm

The Chrome App will be readily available in stages.

  • First with updated gun news and search function.
  • Second with the capability to find “shooting ranges” in your area works with your search query.
  • Third segment will be the basic ballistics doping app for the hunter, more than likely this last one will be available as a mobile device app and free. (iPhone, Android)

For now please grab this simple bookmarklet (cross hair below) and drag it into your browser to get started. If you have any suggestions of an app that you’d like to see, please share them with us.

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