Smart Gun App Controls the Trigger


Following TrackingPoint’s “smart rifle,” which has tracking and digital optic technology to create for a more precise shot, a California-based company has built a different type of smart gun technology  (can be seen in the James Bond “Skydance” movie).

Yardarm has introduced its Safety First technology, which allows gun owners to remotely engage or disengage the trigger safety on their firearms. The technology has to be built right into the firearm, though no gun manufacturer has yet done so.

This is how it works:

  • Inside the gun a processor, sensor and a SIM card is embedded
  • The gun can “talk” to a phone app, this permits gun owner to view info about the firearm remotely
  • App alert owner of gun movement – minimal to long distance
  • Geo-locate alert owner to engage or disengage the trigger safety
  • Able to manage multiple firearms with Yardarm technology
  • Gun cannot be fired remotely
  • Alert (message) is sent via email or SMS

In speculation, this type of technology can limit the danger of children gaining access to their parents’ guns.

When Will it Be Available?

Yardarm states that two major gun makers are very interested in the technology, but that it won’t be ready for commercialization until next year. The company expects the cost of the technology to add about $50 to the price of a firearm.

“It gives much more control to the gun owner. Gun owners will be much more interested in what we have. It’s a low cost, low burden and it still leaves a lot of control to the gun owner.”


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