Smart Gun – Precision Guided Firearms Technology

The Precision Guided Firearm developed by Tracking Point is considered the most accurate shooting system in the world. XactSystem was developed to rectify problems that long range shooters face when engaging targets. The XactSystem guarantees repeatable performance and accuracy at long ranges.

The Long Range Challenges
Engaging targets have been challenging for big-game hunters. At this great distance, shot accuracy is lessened due to:

  • wind speed and direction
  • curvature of the earth
  • recoil
  • human error

These factors causes range miscalculation and anxiety (jitters). Additionally, speed and first-shot accuracy is even more difficult when there are multiple targets at unknown distances.


The Precision Guided Firearms concept is to put the fighter-jock-style, lock-and-launch technology into a rifle system. Using this technology can enable you to become a long-range marksman quickly. XactSystem can enhance the ability to take and track multiple shots at varying ranges. The system eliminates shooter error in:

  • Aim
  • Trigger pull
  • Environmental inputs
  • Range miscalculation

XactSystem delivers five times the first shot success rate than traditional systems, at targets up to 1,200 yards, regardless of shooter skill level.

Using PGF in less supported positions is possible:

  • kneeling
  • sitting
  • barrier-supported

Tracking Point XactSystem Gear

  • Custom Rifle
  • Precision conventional ammunition
  • Networked Tracking Scope with Heads Up Display – houses the Inertial Measurement Unit, Ballistic Calculator, Tracking Engine, Integral Laser Range Finder, Environmental Sensors, Pressure Temperature, Low Light Cut Filter
  • Guided Trigger

The key to this system is combining the Networked Tracking Scope and Guided Trigger which forms the core technology of Precision Guided Firearm. View the two videos to understand the NTS and GT.

Networked Tracking Scope

Heads Up Display

Guided Trigger

GT- How it Works

      The shooter tags the target in advanced mode, disengages the safety, and brings the reticle onto the tag.
      The shooter arms the system by squeezing and holding the Guided Trigger. This signals to the Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) the shooter’s intent to fire, and the reticle turns red.
      The scope now controls the trigger weight, in order to aid the shooter. When the shooter is off target, trigger weight is temporarily increased, which defers launch. When the shooter precisely intersects the tag with the center of the reticle, the trigger weight is decreased, allowing normal trigger pull force to launch the round.

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