Would you shoot a Non-Mortally Wounded Deer?

Sounds like an easy question for most of us hunters, but is it really?
If you have hunted long enough, then you have seen a wounded deer make its way across a property.

For most of us, I have no doubt that ethical hunters would put a deer down that was wounded severely if the opportunity presented itself. Just last year, a mortally wounded deer ran across our property line and it was quickly put down.

It only took them 15 minutes later and the hunters who shot it came walking right through the field tracking it.

They heard our shot so they knew right where it went. After a few pleasantries, they took their deer and off they went.

So here’s the question though: How wounded does a deer need to be before you put it down and out of its misery?

It’s a big question to debate for some. If it’s a small buck or a little doe, you just blew your tag on a deer you didn’t want.

However, many would say you did the right thing. In our case, the hunters who shot the small eight point were right there to take it. Had they not, that was my buddy’s deer.

So what do you think? Do you have to be sure the deer will die a slow painful death before you pull the trigger? What if you think the deer will make it? Do you still put it down even though it’s obviously recently injured? Does size play a role?

Just like all ethical dilemmas though, to each their own.

Sources: Brad Smith