Whitney Isenhart – Female Hunter


Just letting everyone know that Western Shooting Journal just interviewed Whitney Isenhart and she will be on the cover of our June’s edition. More on her adventures in the future.


Here’s a quick bio on this modern day “Hunter”.

Growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin Whitney had many opportunities to tag along with her dad hunting. Being her dad’s right hand girl growing up not only gave Whitney the chance to learn the art of hunting but also the passion to hunt. At age 7, she experienced the thrill of hunting when she shot her first pheasant on the fly. After her first successful hunt Whitney knew this was a sport she would pursue for a lifetime.

Throughout her hunting career she has had the opportunity to hunt both whitetail, and Sitka deer, elk, black bear, grizzle bear, moose and turkey. She has been on many exciting and adrenaline filled hunts, which include being drawn for an elk hunt in Arizona at 18 years old and harvesting a huge 6×6 bull. Spending 7 days on a boat in the wilds of Alaska, Sitka deer hunting was also truly an adventure. The Alaska hunt can be seen on Cabela’s Ultimate Adventure Show.

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