WMD’s GunSling ShotShow 2019

WMD Guns LLC: The Only Source for Performance Coated Products, Firearms
and Services in the Industry: Booths #2601 and S2226 Firearms/Products.

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WMD Guns is the leader in providing performance coated firearms, parts and surface solutions to OEMs, distributors, dealers and consumers. Our arsenal of coating technologies provides the largest selection of performance coatings in the industry. Come to SHOT Show 2019 Booth #2601 where we feature our premium coated firearms and components, and Booth S2226 in the Supplier Showcase.
• NEW PRODUCTS DISPLAY: New this year is our SlingStockTM, a new, patented buttstock
with an integrated, retractable sling. It is focused on optimizing performance of the LE professional. The Slingstock is interchangeable with Mil Spec collapsible buttstocks and accommodates single-point and 2-point operation from multiple attachment points and methods.
The 7-foot mil-spec webbing adjusts to any length and locks using a one button operation. All controls are designed on the centerline for ambidextrous operation. “Threat ready, never a burden”.
• New .224 Valkyrie Long Range Beast takes the AR-15 well over 1,000 yards with accuracy.
Also available as components: .224 Valkyrie/6.8 SPC NiB-X BCG’s and 20” and 22” 1:7 twist .224 Valkyrie barrels.
• New .450 Bushmaster Beast
• New .458 SOCOM Beast Upper Assemblies and Rifles.
• Accent Kits to personalize your AR
• Coating Patterns for Special Make Ups.
Our Coating Upgrade Program is Back! For dealers you can now offer upgrades and refinishing for your customers through our dealer coating program.
WMD Guns Contacts:
Public Relations/Marketing/Distributors: Holden Kriss, Holden@wmdguns.com , 772-618-1788.
Manufacturers/OEM: Wynn Atterbury, President at Wynn@wmdguns.com or 772-618-1792.
Dealers: Barbara Proctor at Barbara@wmdguns.com or 772-618-1795.
Special Products & Coatings Development: Mike Vetter, mike@wmdguns.com or 772-212-1456.