Huntworth introduces new touch tip shooter’s glove

Huntworth shooting glovesGet the Ultimate Grip on Hunting

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania We hunters are the first and ultimate performance athletes. In our game, grip and feel are critical to success. We count on a pair of gloves for far more than to simply keep our hands warm. Longtime makers of the most sensitive and grippiest gloves on the market,  Huntworth ups its game with the new Touch Tip Ranger Shooters Glove.

The Ranger’s high-tack silicone palm is actually permanently sticky, without leaving any residue. Whether you need to grip the rungs of a treestand ladder, your wet shotgun, or an icy rifle stock, the Ranger provides maximum security, with no sacrifice in sensitivity. In fact, going beyond maximum “feel,” the tip of the index finger and thumb on every Huntworth Ranger glove features Touch Tip conductive technology enabling the use of touch screen devices without removing the gloves. Additional advancements include the second-skin fit with a thumb gusset for full range of motion and an antimicrobial treatment on the inside of the palm for enhanced scent reduction. The design is so revolutionary a patent is pending.

The Huntworth Touch Tip Ranger is designed front and back in Huntworth’s exclusive camo pattern, Oak Tree EVOTM and sells for a suggested retail price of only $29.99. Look for this new Touch Tip Ranger from Huntworth at your favorite outdoor or online retailer.

For more information and Huntworth products visit us at For years, the designers at Huntworth have been creating great fitting and functional apparel and accessories. Our in-house product design
team works relentlessly to integrate cutting edge design elements, crossing over from other extreme sports for a next-gen approach to hunting apparel. Our mission is simple: ruthless innovation and performance.

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