Wisconsin Triggers

Wisconsin Triggers creates not only the trigger of choice for Madison Butler of the Texas Junior Rifle Team and numerous other Jr shooters across the USA, but plenty of content for the 169th episode of the AR-15 Podcast.

Milazzo-Krieger Accuracy Products,INC., now the Wisconsin Trigger Company started off by making the first two-stage trigger fit into an AR-15. Within days of a prototype being constructed, there was already a market for the new trigger. Production wasn’t easy, but it came to market soon enough. By the mid-90s it got into production, and the triggers could go on and on for years without wearing more than their finish.

For about 15 years, the founder had shut down the company, not willing to spend the money to go after those copying his designs, and later sold it to Ron. Every piece is Wisconsin-made but the box– outsourced only as far away as California.

Part of the changing hands in the company was a deal that the quality would never go down. Thanks to modern machining, it can be done faster than in the old days and still keep the same finely-tuned tolerances, even while being a family-owned business.

As for why they provide so many young shooters their triggers? Well, junior shooters may not have a lot of funding for picking up their own, but as they grow, other shooters are gonna wonder what makes them the best, and they’ll see these shooters using Wisconsin Triggers.

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If you are a Junior team coach and are looking for some help The Wisconsin Trigger Company has a few sponsorship spots open.

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