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[su_heading size=”30″]Bighorn Arms has already made a name for itself with two top precision rifle actions for the Remington 700 footprint, but the best may be yet to come.[/su_heading]


The company’s recent partnership with Zermatt Arms Inc. has greatly increased production capacity.

[su_dropcap style=”light”]B[/su_dropcap]ighorn Arms likes to keep things simple. When your goal is to design and manufacture the most important component of the most popular rifle action in the world, it makes sense to do it right the first time before you move on to other product offerings. Up until now, largely because of that singular focus, Bighorn has offered just two rifle actions; the SR2 – for the serious hunting enthusiast – and the TL2 – for the tactical operator looking for a magazine-fed tack driver. But that’s all about to change.

The Bighorn brand was created by gunsmith A.J. Goddard and originally produced out of his one-man shop in Brighton, Colo. After developing a large – and patient – following for these top-ofthe-line actions, customer orders began to significantly outstrip production.

To help fill demand without reducing quality, Bighorn has significantly increased its production capacity via a new partnership with Zermatt Arms Inc. (ZAI) of Bennet, Neb. According to Bighorn literature, this new partnership was designed to take full advantage of ZAI’s “incredible machining capability with state-ofthe-art equipment and several years of experience within the firearm and aerospace industries.”

But fans of Bighorn TL2 actions (and there are many of them) will be pleased to learn that the company is currently poised to increase their action product output with the addition of a third product, the TL3. Branded as “the next evolution” in their tactical series, Bighorn states that the new tactical action has been designed to “deliver everything you expect from (the) TL series but with a few added advantages.”

There are several improvements for Bighorn customers to consider. First, the ejection port has been extended .300 inches rearward to prevent cartridges from bouncing back into the action. This change has been made to the TL2 line as well. The bolt stop pin floats in an oval-shaped hold in the bolt stop so that it will never take the shock from stopping the bolt. The new bolt stop exerts pressure on the action body and not the bolt stop pin.

The mechanical ejector allows even the shortest cartridges to be ejected reliably. It also allows the user to decide how far the rounds will be ejected out of the action. With 20 threads per inch (TPI), owners have the option of running a prefit barrel or having their local gunsmith shoulder up a custom one.

This production run of TL2 actions will soon be on the way to happy and patient customers.

Just like on the TL2, the bolt head floats, allowing for 100 percent lug contact when firing. These are also user swappable, allowing for multiple caliber options. And by moving the rear of the bolt head forward by .100 inches, the company can safely cut the magazine well for AW magazines.

The new firing assembly is now a bayonet style that can easily be removed from the bolt body without the need for tools. Rails are now pinned, and there is no longer a center cut on the rails. Finally, The Bighorn Arms logo has been engraved on the shroud, a design addition that will soon be feartured on the entire line.

Bighorn’s popular rifle actions, the TL2 (top) and the SR2.

The TL3 action (which will be known as the Bighorn Tactical once production is rolling) recently premiered at the 2017 SHOT Show, and the company plans to begin shipping the much-anticipated action to customers in mid-June. ASJ


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