Glock Announces Continued Relations with Alaska Dept of Safety

GLOCK, Inc.announced the continuation of its relationship with the law enforcement (LE) customer Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS). A dedicated customer for more than nine years, Alaska DPS confirmed that it will replace its standard-issue duty sidearm Gen3 GLOCK 22 pistol with the Gen4 GLOCK 22 pistol.

The three commissioned divisions of DPS, laska State Troopers (AST), Alaska Wildlife Troopers (AWT) and the Fire Marshal, include approximately 400 commissioned personnel that cover a territory of 586,412 square miles. Troopers utilize many forms of transport, including cruisers, Super Cub bush planes, jet boats, air boats, snow mobiles and a commissioned dog sled patrol. The GLOCK pistol has withstood the extreme environments of Alaska and proven itself to be the law enforcement (LE) pistol of the “Last Frontier”.

“Our commissioned personnel have experienced incredible reliability and excellent field performance from the GLOCK firearms,” stated Alaska DPS Commissioner Joseph A. Masters. “When GLOCK introduced the Gen4 models, DPS had a strong desire to move to the newer, enhanced feature version of the duty handgun that has served our personnel so well.”

GLOCK firearms were the ideal choice to support the DPS mission to preserve the peace, enforce the law, prevent and detect crime, and protect life and property. With enhanced ergonomics and a redesigned recoil assembly system, the Gen4 .40 caliber GLOCK is a popular option for many U.S. law enforcement agencies.

“Knowing that the Alaska State Troopers deal with a wide variety of environments, from the states’ northern reaches into the Arctic to the temperate rainforest and ocean climate of southeast Alaska, we are delighted that our 49th state will continue to rely on GLOCK firearms,” said Josh Dorsey, GLOCK Vice President. “We relish the opportunity to support those who put themselves in harm’s way to ensure local citizens’ safety.”

GLOCK is the preferred firearm of law enforcement across the United States, with approximately 65 percent of agencies using GLOCK pistols. GLOCK contributes millions of dollars annually to non-profit organizations that support law enforcement and military personnel.

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