US Government Documents Have Been Hacked?

US Government Documents Have Been Hacked!

Everyone who has ever filled out an SF-86, which is a document required for anyone working with or in the military to include service members of all ranks, officers and enlisted, in a wide range of job specialties and assignments as well as American contractors requires the full disclosure of information on family and friends along with all of their personal information like addresses and telephone numbers, past employment,  details on alcohol and drug use, mental illness, credit ratings, bankruptcies, arrest records and court actions…the list goes on … have been hacked.

Having completed this form for my clearance, I can attest to the grueling amount of information. The document is highly specific on dates and people I have interacted with throughout my life. If I was 18-years-old when I filled it out I might not have had much to say but I was 34 (that’s all I’m saying and I also won’t mention that that was over 10 years ago) with a lifetime of information to share.

“They got everyone’s SF-86,”


…one Pentagon official familiar with the investigation told Military Times.

If you want to know more on the current story you can visit Militarytimes.



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