Two Yard Torture Drill

A very basic handgun drill that is easy but flexible to take it to another level of stress fire. You can run this drill with a basic pistol and a regular paper target.

Here’s the quick scoop on running this drill:

  • Start at the two-yard line.
  • Each stage moves back two yards, all the way to twenty yards.
  • At each stage, the student has three seconds to fire two shots from the ready, finger straight, or four seconds to fire two shots from the holster.
  • Once the student has fired from twenty yards, he starts back toward the target in the same two-yard increments.
  • Again, the student fires two shots into the target at each stage, ending up back at the two-yard line.

As we stated the drill is pretty simple, its when most people get to the 10 yard to 20 yards is where your accuracy goes off. But this is why we train to get better. Say you reach the 10 yard and your shots goes all over the place. So from here you’d want to work back to the 2 yard line incrementally. (2 yds at a time)

Once you’ve achieved the 20 yd mark, you’re golden! Some gun instructors will mark the hits with points on the target. You can do that, but the basics is just a piece of paper with an O in the center is all you need.

Here’s Larry Vicker coaching a shooter on this type of gun drill.

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Pistol Thoughts
Regarding the caliber that you’re running. Obviously, if you’re toting that 45 its going to take more effort to be on target within the two seconds mark at the 10 yd and beyond due to more felt recoil than a .380 or .22.
With that in mind I think its great that this drill can honestly give you feedback at which yardage and caliber that needs to be worked on. Just our .02 cents worth.