SIRT Training Pistol


Article by J Hines Photos from SIRT – Next Level Training and Accelerated Firearm Training

SIRT is a laser training pistol that allows training almost anywhere providing immediate feedback to the shooter. Take advantage of dead times during the day to implement training in almost any unused room or area at your facility. Fight the potential boredom perceived in training with a simple, but versatile, training tool that makes pistolcraft fun.

Take Your Pistolcraft to the Next Level with the SIRT Laser Training Pistol
while NLT knows that dry fire training is no substitute for live fire training, neither is there a need to rely on it exclusively thanks to the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Laser Training Pistol and the exclusive laser feedback mechanism. Designed to complement, not replace, live fire training, the SIRT Dry Fire Training Pistol brings together a host of patent pending technologies critical to improving shooting accuracy while addressing issues of cost and liability.

The SIRT Training Pistol does not fire any projectile, and the lasers are not harmful. This is a complete system Critical features provides effective, consistent and rewarding training.

  • Patent pending shot indicating laser
  • Resetting trigger combined with the simulated weight of the pistol and magazine
  • A red trigger take-up indicating laser (that can be conveniently turned off)
  • Replaceable sights, all in a self-contained package

The SIRT Training Pistol 110 Pro is designed to have a dry weight of 24 ounces with the center of gravity positioned slightly vertical of the trigger pin. (When engaging at full speed transitions and draws, a simulated weight and center of gravity is imperative for training to accelerate and decelerate the pistol while engaging in precise fine motor movements).

BODY MOVEMENT Maximize deceleration while maintaining control of the pistol to teach yourself to present the pistol and prep the trigger to minimize time to placing shots on the target.

LOW IMPACT – SHOCK ABSORBING MAGAZINE Magazine can be dropped on many types of flooring surfaces without damage.

TRAIN GUN HANDLING: DRAWS AND RELOADS The integrated lasers allow for proper training of draws of various pistolcraft skill sets. The SIRT Training Pistol comes with a weighted magazine to simulate the weight and center of gravity of 10 rounds of 124 grain 9mm ammunition, a fully loaded 15 round .40 caliber magazine with 180 grain bullets.

Built tough with sturdy steel construction, the SIRT Laser Training Pistol looks and feels like the real thing by matching the size, weight, and center of gravity of the live fire pistol. In addition, the SIRT Laser Training Pistol even offers a host of features including weighted training magazine and replaceable sights.


Unlike a standard live fire or Air Soft pistol, the SIRT Laser Training Pistol provides instantaneous performance feedback and no need for ongoing expenditures such as ammo and targets through laser feedback. Because of its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the SIRT doesn’t just permit additional training — it encourages it, view the video to see the drills.

Simple to use, the SIRT Laser Training Pistol is applicable to a range of training exercises including shooting accuracy, sidearm handling, integrated cardio and live course programs, and even force-on-force training scenarios. Because it does not discharge any type of projectile and instead uses laser feedback, the SIRT Laser Training Pistol can be used safely in nearly every environment and situation. Get the SIRT training pistol here.

Accelerated Firearm Training
If you’re looking to combine this SIRT training pistol with an app that can record and act as a timer. Then take a look at what the good folks at Accelerated Firearm Training have to offer.
Yes, inside your home you can place these 6 electronic targets anywhere to practice and get instant feedback. This is the excerpt from AFT website:
Choose a Course Of Fire from five available in the app: Steel Training, Saturday Steel, React, Practical Shooting, and Friend Or Foe. Range Officer commands can be enabled to direct the start of the Course Of Fire: “Are you ready?” “Standby!” followed by a 300ms start signal “Beeeep!”. Press the Start button on the Shot Timer screen and begin shooting at the start signal. Even a par time stop signal can be configured for time limited shot strings.

A Shot Timer view captures and displays target hits, cumulative times, split times, and overall scoring for each Course Of Fire. A Targets view shows target hit locations and features a sight picture visualization tool and shot correction chart overlays for analyzing shot groups.
The app is available for compatible Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

You can check out their awesome training app here – just click on Accelerated Firearm Training.