Top Five Muzzle Devices for the AR-15

The following article and photos is from the fine folks of Primary Arms Content Marketing Team.

Whether you are shooting an AR-15 for practice, competition, or to test out a new upper receiver, a
muzzle device is something you will want to add to your gear. Click here for more information Muzzle
devices help solve three common rifle issues: recoil, accuracy, and flash. Some muzzle devices can solve
all three issues, and some can only help one type of issue. It all depends on what you are looking for!
Here are the different types of muzzle devices:

  • Muzzle brakes. These stop recoil.
  • Compensators. These reduce muzzle climb (improving your accuracy).
  • Flash hiders. These do what the name says and hides the flash that happens when shooting your rifle.
With so many options to choose from, which one is the best? Let’s look at the top five on the market so you can make an informed decision.

Precision Armament Hypertap

If you require the best overall muzzle brake, the Precision Armament Hypertap is for you. The best part
of this muzzle brake is I’m the name: precision. It helps eliminate the recoil nearly entirely, giving the
shooter accuracy in their first and proceeding shots. It is marketed as reducing recoil better than any
other muzzle brake on the market. It reduces recoil by 84%! The best part? It is virtually indestructible.
This makes this type of muzzle device well worth the $180. With the increase in speed and accuracy, you
will be able to achieve faster double taps in competition and in combat, earning you time and money.
The Hypertap is well worth the price.

Precision Armament M4-72

If you need a muzzle brake but don’t want to spend as much as you would on the Hypertap, look no
further than the Precision Armament M4-72. Coming from the same company, the M4-72 is held to the
same high standards. The recoil reduction is about 74%. While this may seem significantly less than the
more expensive Hypertap model, the M4-72 has a much higher rate of success than other similarly
priced muzzle brakes. Also, that percentage may not be felt as readily by the user. 74% is a very high
amount! Compared to other devices, the M4-72 is a great choice for improving your accuracy and speed
without breaking the bank, all the while keeping recoil and dust low. You will want to be sure to wear
ear protection when using this muzzle device, though, as it does not reduce noise and can cause some
per men and ear damage. All of this rolled into one muzzle brake on the market, for only $90.

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Rainier Arms FHV2 Flash Hider
After seeing the flash and noise factor of your new rifle, you may decide that you need a flash hider. You
may have noticed that some flash hiders look odd when attached to the rifle. The Rainier Arms FHV2
Flash Hider is not one of them. The black nitride finish makes it durable as well as attractive. This flash
hider both protects the shooter’s night vision and helps disguise the shooter’s location by moving the
gases away from the line of sight and lowering the flash factor. These protective factors can be yours for
only $60. Plus, this muzzle device is lightweight and will not affect your speed or accuracy when
discharging your weapon. For the money, this is the best flash hider on the market.

Hera Arms LC Linear Compensator Gen 2
For the best AR-15 compensator, look no further than the Hera Arms LC Linear Compensator Gen 2. It
not only has 12 separate expansion chambers, but it also reduces noise.

Having so many separate chambers forces the blast and noise of the shot straight forward, moving it away from the shooter’s ears. This also does not affect the comfort of shooting. The gases created during firing escape straight
through the front, which also makes it easy to install a free float hand guard if so desired. Gen 2 has 30%
less weight than the first model. All these qualities make the Hera Arms LC Linear Compensator Gen 2
one of the best compensators currently on the market. You can purchase this compensator for only

Fortis Control Shield

Once you have begun shooting and you begin experiencing discomfort from both recoil and the extra
noise from the shots, you may begin wondering if you can lessen the adverse effects. The Fortis Control
Shield will do just what it says: help control the gun and shield you from recoil and noise. This was
created for situations involving combat but can be used even at home on the range. The Fortis Control
Shield pushes the noise forward and away from the shooter. The ports on top are also flat to help keep
from affecting accuracy. Plus, there is a quick detach system made to allow other manufacturers to use
their muzzle devices in conjunction with the Fortis Control Shield. Talk about a great way to monopolize
your abilities to help yourself and others, and for only $110. Combine this shield with what you desire,
even if it is from other manufacturers, and you will be ready to conquer the field and the range.

No matter what type of muzzle device you are searching for, there are many options on the market
within a decent price range. Doing some research will help you find what you need, but almost all will be
top notch and made with you, the marksman, in mind. Each of these muzzle devices will assist you in
improving your accuracy and protect you from loud noise, recoil, muzzle climb, and bright flashes. Many
are made to work in combination, while others are made to be the only one you will ever need to
purchase. Any of these top five muzzle devices for the AR-15 will improve you as a marksman and help
you to reach your ultimate goals. Purchase one today and see how they will help you.