The Loudener

A Loudener?

“The Loudener” for your AR, so what is this? Just as it sounds, when the gun is fired it is “LOUD“. Watch the video below and turn up your speakers, it almost sounds like from a .50 cal. They say you can feel the blast from it as well.

The “Loudener” was design by Owen Martin of Snake-Hound Machine a New Hampshire based company that has made a huge splash with its AK. Here’s the makeup to make your AR loud.

Muzzle Brake Single Chamber – allows expanding gasses to burn outside the barrel (see the video above). This creates a significant increase in air pressure and decibel levels, and expands the typical cone of weapon-produced sound. This also reduces the felt recoil. (practical application?)

Use a shorter barrel and it creates a full 180 degree noise pattern, this makes it sounds like you have a bigger gun.
Most folks may think this is just another gimmick for Hollywood. It is about making noise, why not make some big noise from a folding AR that you have in your “bug out bag”.

Don’t know of any practical purpose for having a loud gun, but it definitely looks (while shooting) and sounds impressive!

Here’s Youtuber Guns111th had to say about the Loudener after they ran it.