Top 5 Purse Pistols for Women

Currently, women are moving the needle and considered the fastest-growing segment in the shooting industry. In fact, in Michigan, there has been a 177% increase in concealed pistol license issued to women in the past four years. So, what are they packing? Here’s an infographic by USCCA to paint the picture for you.

If you didn’t know it, these top pistols are also the top carry in general.
Glock as always will be on any top pistol list for personal defense to law enforcement backup.

Another thing that is interesting is the range of calibers. Popular ones are the .380 and 9mm. Most of the so called gun experts are saying the caliber for a woman should be a .380, because its small and easy to handle. However, think it depends on the gal, she can shoot whatever she wants.

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Sources: USCCA, Jake VanDeLaare
Infographic by USCCA

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