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Medal of Honor Recipient Ty Carter
Distinguishing himself through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty

46 Black Powder Flies At State Championship Shoot In Oregon
Nine-time national champion “Annie Oakley”  outshoots the men and takes the .22 championship at challenging 500-meter range.

51 Legendary Billy Dixon Rifle Recreated Today
C. Sharp Arms’ replica of the rifle used by Billy Dixon in the Battle of Adobe Walls.

56 Guitars And Guns Of Country Music
NRA Country Star Kevin Fowler dishes on guns, hunting, archery and his gun-themed music.

64 Young Hero
Then 21-year-old Dakota Meyer was the youngest recipient ever to be awarded the Medal of Honor.


73 The Deadliest Hunt: Arizona-Mexico Border
Hunter faces drug runners, open pit mines. mountain lions, bears, rattlesnakes, coyotes, jaguars and javelinas.

77 BEHIND THE BADGE: Brave And Bold On The Border
The daring men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol face life or death situations daily.

81 Coyote Hunting In Nevada
Coyotes attack chickens on farms near Las Vegas.

87 SHOOTING STRAIGHT: Diver Ducks In The Dead Of Winter
An unlucky morning of waterfowl hunting on the Columbia River seems to get worse as game wardens make a surprise visit.

95 ROADHUNTER: Dangerous Storms Plague Wyoming Elk Hunt
Read the signs, key in on weather patterns, and be aware of where elk move to and from this time of year.

103 BLACK POWDER: Oregon’s Legendary ‘Mid-Valley Drifter’ and ‘Buckshot Shell-E’
Formidable cowboy shooting couple of Oregon Old West Shooting Society racks up championships.

111 Largest Gun Show In World Gets Even Bigger
Two-for-one: Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show adds the NRA National Gun Collectors Show to its massive expo.

117 Badass Badges Of Law Enforcement
Eleven famous police badges you will remember from TV and the Wild West.

pistol1121 Kel Tec PMR-30: ‘Wonder Nine’ Of The 2010’s
This lightweight .22 has it all – 30-round magazine, great sights, manageable recoil and comfortable grip.

15 Editor’s Note
19 News: Media Silent On NRA Affiliation In Tom Clancy Obituaries
23 Gun Show Calendar
29 Competition Calendar
31 Reader Snapshots
39 Guns Of Our Fathers
24 Range Spotlight: Arkansas Armory


127 Duck Dynasty’s Hairy Christmas
133 London Gold Medalist Prepared At UAF
126 Reloading 101
133 Facts Versus Fiction of Knife Fighting
133 Thousands Flock To World Duck Calling Championship


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