Springfield Armory Lightweight 1911 Operator


Springfield Armory Lightweight Operator 1911 .45ACP pistol was the first pistol offered by a major 1911 manufacturer having a light-mounting rail forged directly into the frame. While others have followed Springfield Armory’s lead, they still offer the most comprehensive and practical line of 1911 light-rail guns available.

The Standard Picatinny mounting platform readily accepts the most popular whitelight and laser illumination devices used by military spec-ops and law enforcement tactical teams. Sights can customize with any of the major brands, the image above is outfitted with Trijicon and grips can be customized with VZ Gunner with rubberized front strap giving it a better grip on the fingers as you wrap the handgun.

Straight out of the box, the “operator” has no malfunctions or feeds, very durable and accurate. This handgun is a little heavier than a glock, because its not made out of plastic. Currently, the only drawback for the .45 lovers is the ammo shortage which causes the price for the .45 rounds to be expensive.

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