Souforce Red Dot Laser Bore Sight

This product is used to simply aim your target in the most simplest way. It is also easy to use, durable and battery operated system.


  • Material: Brass
  • Laser wavelength: 632-650 nm
  • LED Type: Red Laser
  • Sighting Range: 10-75 yards
  • Dot Size: 1.5″ @ 100 yards
  • Laser Beams: <5mw
  • Batteries Included
  • Battery Life when continuously on: 1.5 to 2hours
  • Comes in two colors: Gold and Red


Compatible with 223 SEMs & .556 Cal

Some FAQ

  • Can you zero a red dot with a bore sight?
    You can take your bore-sighted rifle and sight to the range and finish the zeroing process. Simply repeat the process, shooting three to five shots in a group and adjusting the red dot until your groupings are on the center of the target.

  • What distance should a laser bore sight be?

    Bore-sight at 25 yards and impact 1-inch low when shooting at 25 yards for most deer rifles. You should now be able to finalize your zero on the 100-yard target in just a few shots. Your trip to the range with your new deer rifle certainly will be more fun by first bore-sighting and confirming impact at 25 yards.

  • Do red dots have parallax?
    Like other reflector sights, the collimated image of the red dot is truly parallax free only at infinity, with an error circle equal to the diameter of the collimating optics for any target at a finite distance.

  • Are red dots accurate?
    If you mount your red dot sight correctly, zero it for the distances you’re most likely to encounter, and practice the fundamentals, red dot sights can be incredibly accurate and offer faster target acquisition than iron sights or a magnified optic.

Compatible with 223 SEMs & .556 Cal