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When going out to shoot, hunt or war gaming most of us usually wear some sort of shades for eye protection. Most are only thinking in terms of wearing for fashion and sunlight protection.

But, for the high level activities that we engage in requires more quality protection dealing with debris and such. Smith Elite Optics is one of those manufactures that delivers with quality materials and engineering tailoring to sportsman for over 45 years.

Highlighted are some of their technologies implemented that takes eye protection to the next level:

Lens Material

Top Grade Polycarbonite – that can absorb debris

Lens Coating

Anti Fog Coating – No need to explain

Tapered Lens

TLT Optics – Distortion occurs when light passes through curved lenses with TLT this is distortion is eliminated


Enhanced Peripheral View::
fieldOfViewThe OTW goggle was designed to maximize overall field of view, maximizing protective coverage
PivLock Technology::
pivlockTechnologyFastest interchangeable lens system – Flip, switch and get to it
OTW Turbo Fan Technology::
turboFanTechnologCreated to to keep your vision clear in the most extreme conditions

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