Skinner Sights introduces new bag to store firearms and accessories

Skinner Sights garment bag1Skinner® Sights LLC would like to announce the availability of the SKINNER® “HTF” (Harken Tactical Firearm) GARMENT BAG.
Introducing a secure way to store and transport 1 long gun (up to 40” long), 2 Handguns (In removable emergency holsters w/spare mag pouch), Survival Knife, Flashlight, Three 30 Rd.  Rifle Magazines, 8 spare Pistol Magazines, and miscellaneous accessories/gear.  (Firearms and accessories not included/shown for illustrative purposes only)
This “Garment Bag” will not attract un-wanted attention while carrying between your home/business, hanging on the clothing hook behind a vehicle seat, or “ready” in a closet mingled with your clothes.
The SKINNER® SIGHTS “HTF” Bag allows your firepower to be “Concealed in plain sight” yet ready  in case of an emergency.

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