SilencerCo’s Shotgun Suppressor Reduces Decibels and Recoil

Las Vegas, Nevada – Can you hear me now? Actually, no. Least that was my bewildered reaction after stopping by the SilencerCo Shooting Bay at this year’s Media Day at the Range.

Right out of the silver screen classic No Country for Old Men, my most recent Amazon Wish List addition SilencerCo’s Salvo 12 removes everything audible outside of the gun’s actual action … that click, click, click of metal hitting metal. No boom boom no more.

It’s really nice that’s going to reduce the recoil and reduce the sound,” said SilencerCo Marketing and Social Media guru Darren Jones. “You can shoot a lot long and it’s more enjoyable.”

Launched in October of 2014, the Salvo 12 comes as one size fits all setting. Out of the box in a default 12-inch setting, those desiring a decibel deduction can followup their initial purchase with a rod kit to change the length of rods and suppressor to a mere 6-inches.

The one pictured above and below is a 10-inch version.

Smoking shotgun with SilencerCo suppressor at SHOT Show’s Media Day “It’s easier to maneuver in and out of a duck blind or pit. We make it that way so the shooter has the ability to change it for whatever shooting you’re doing. Some guys want the shortest thing possible.”

But wait (he writes in his best Billy Mays voice) … there’s more!

It doesn’t just suppress the sound, it also reduces the recoil. The expected kick fell from the standard mule to a standard poodle when I stepped behind the trigger. Surprising would be putting in mildly.

“Most suppressors drop the recoil anywhere from 20 to 40%,” Jones explained. “On our Omega Can, that suppressor drops it 40%. I shoot one on my 300 win mag exactly for that reason because that thing can kick you pretty hard.”

Born out of a duck blind, Salvo 12 “operate with nearly all shotguns and ammunition on the market today including pump actions, semi autos, and inertia driven models.” While the $1,400 MSRP might sound a bit shocking at first glance, the sound of silence is priceless.

The long and short of it is the Salvo 12 can change your shotgun shooting life. It drops the decibel, reduces the recoil, and takes the shakes out of your duck, goose, pheasant, or clay hunting day.

“That’s our base of shooting,” said Jones. “It doesn’t have to be loud.”

by Lyle Dalseide