Shotgun Shell from Hell

This just looks like a terrible idea, but is the Facebook “Meme” shell from hell actually as deadly as predicted?

The folks from TAOFLEDERMAUS Youtuber had a chance to try out this shotgun shell. What’s so special about this “shell from hell”?

This shotgun shell is comprised of:

  • 3 buckshots
  • a dime
  • 3 more buckshots
  • another dime
  • four 7.62 x 54mmR bullets

This shell weighs in at 980 grains. This incredibly heavy round is more than a little dangerous to load yourself.
Here’s what TAOFLEDERMAUS said about shooting this round:
“I’ve lost count how many people on the Facebooks sent me photos of this goofy shell that someone concocted. Like many things on FB, it looks cool as a photo but in reality, it’s a different story. Sort of like those hot women who turn out to be hairy old men in yoga pants and man-buns who live in mini-houses. (also known as vans down by the river)”

Sources: TAOFLEDERMAUS, OutdoorHub